Seeing is Believing: Visuals Help Explain MSG Safety and Benefits

Is our food safe -- MSG safety

According to Lawrence Ragan Communications (publishers of PR Daily), 90 percent of the information your brain receives is visual and more than 60 percent of people are visual learners. That said, it’s become increasingly important that quality research is showcased in forms other than a lengthy scientific study. Below I’ve outlined some easy-to-understand visuals that will help consumers learn more about the safety of monosodium glutamate (MSG)

All Food is “Chemicals” [period], Let Me Explain…

Vitamin C structure

When it comes to food, it’s natural to ask questions about what is unfamiliar. And when people see ingredients on food labels that they don’t recognize, it’s easy to think that the food contains chemicals.

Everything around us – including food – is made up of chemicals. The idea that there is a difference between “natural” chemicals – like those already existing in food – and those produced by scientists in a laboratory is a common mistaken belief.

Cuban Rice

Cuban Rice

Cuban cuisine is unique in that it has been influenced by many different cultures. According to Wikipedia, Cuban cuisine is a fusion of Native American Taino food, Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisines. Some Cuban recipes share spices and techniques with Spanish and African cooking, with some Caribbean influence in spice and flavor

Korean-Style Meat Marinade

Korean Style Meat Marinade

This delicious marinade recipe would be excellent for any kind of meat – beef, roast, chicken, pork, ribs and shrimp. And now that it’s football season, why not experiment with new and different marinades to impress fellow fans at a tailgate or in front of your own TV? The longer the marinade time, the better!

Kitty’s Snappy Slaw Recipe

Bowl of Coleslaw

Every block party or BBQ needs a big ol’ bowl of slaw, right? Coleslaw provides a palate-pleasing textural contrast to all the grilled foods on your festive plate. This version is not mayonnaise-based, so it doesn’t feel heavy or thick. Rather, it’s a mustard and vinegar-based dressing and is tart and tangy. The snap peas add a little extra crunch, but feel free to swap in celery or another crunchy veggie if you prefer. Note that the dressing needs to sit in the refrigerator for a while to meld flavors, so prepare it the night before or early on the day you plan to serve it