Chinese Whispers: What They Mean for MSG and Rumors about Its Safety

Rumors about MSG safety

Most of us have probably played “telephone,” a game of sorts where someone initiates an elaborate story or message that then gets passed from person to person. The resulting story? Usually so far-fetched from the original, it is laughable. That’s what makes the game fun! But what many people may not know is “telephone” is also called “Chinese whispers.”

Lettuce Wraps Chicken and Cashew Recipe

lettuce wraps chicken and cashews recipe

Different versions of this lettuce-enveloped, flavorful chicken dish have become popular in many restaurants. It can be served as an appetizer or an entrée – it’s up to you!

Healthy Flavors of Asia: Exploring Ingredients and Flavor Dynamics

flavors of Asia

Asia encompasses a large geographic area, and food and flavor profiles vary widely across the diversity of Asian countries and regions. The food of each country differs based not only on availability of ingredients, but has been honed by environment, culture, tradition, history, philosophy and religion

Dashi All The Way

Miso soup with dashi

The practice of using dashi in American cuisine is trending towards mainstream because of its association with umami – the fifth basic taste most often described as savory. Dashi is the ingredient you can add to a recipe to get that extra oomph. It’s essentially a simple stock used as the base ingredient in many Japanese dishes

Asian Food is Calling My Name. How About You?

asian food

I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like, or even love, Asian cuisine. Of all kinds. Whether it’s Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese dishes (among others), foods from these regions of the world are packed with flavor that is strikingly different from any other