Kids and MSG: Relax, it’s OK, even good

kids and msg

“Oh, we always make sure to ask for no MSG when we eat Chinese food.” “I never allow my kids to eat anything with MSG.” “We’d never eat at any restaurant that uses MSG.” “It’s horrendous that MSG is even allowed to be used in food that could be given to kids.”

These are comments I’ve actually heard from consumers and patients. What these same consumers have actually done is let me know they are very misinformed. How? Read on.

An Eye-Opening Look at the Ingredients in Our Foods

Is our food safe -- MSG safety

We may eat a lot of food additives, but most consumers know very little about them. These often-misunderstood substances go by unwieldy names like “diacetyl” or “azodicarbonamide.” They are in everything from salad dressings to Twinkies. But how many of us actually know what they look like or, more importantly, what they’re doing in our food?

Tasting Table’s Food Editor Discusses Umami Foods

taste vs flavor

Deep thoughts about umami, the fifth taste, from Tasting Table’s food editor, Andy Baraghani in this recently released video. Baraghani discusses easy ways to incorporate umami into your dishes, including using “good old-fashioned MSG.”

Nin hao or Ciao: Say Hello to Similarities between Chinese and Italian Cuisines

noodles variation

Both Italian and Chinese cuisines are favorites among U.S. restaurant-goers and home cooks, too. Both are highly flavorful, incorporating a range of tastes, textures and aromas, and both boast a wide range of dishes that appeal to people of all ages. There are a number of other things shared by Chinese and Italian cuisines that are less obvious and therefore perhaps lesser known. Here are a couple of culinary commonalities to consider…

Tailgate Recipes to Delight Your Football Friends and Family!

tailgate recipes

With football season around the corner, why not start planning your winning tailgating party now and consider scoring a touchdown with your friends and family by making a few easy and delicious recipes that have “more savory goodness” than the usual tailgate fare!