Is That a Taste or a Flavor?

taste vs flavor

Believe it or not, taste and flavor are not the same thing. And frankly, most people misspeak when they talk about taste and flavor. Here we give you a short primer on taste vs flavor. This way, you’ll be in the know just like the food and nutrition professionals who talk about these types of things day in and day out. (See, we look out for you!) At the next dinner party you attend or host, you’ll be the one making the educated comments about food taste and flavor!

Adding MSG to Nutritious Foods Has Many Benefits

MSG in foods

My mom is 86 years old, and she eats like the proverbial bird. I probably worry about that more than the average person given my day to day work in nutrition. Finding ways to get older individuals interested in eating can be a very frustrating challenge. Adding MSG in foods, especially in nutritious foods, may help improve satisfaction in eating, while increasing intake of some essential nutrients.

Easy Ways to Kick Up Umami Flavor in Your Favorite Dishes

Pork Kebabs with BBQ Sauce

If you’ve been visiting MSGdish for a while, you know we often write about UMAMI, that unique, savory flavor that is imparted by monosodium glutamate (MSG). One of these blogs “The ‘Skinny’ on Umami” discusses ways to experiment with different flavors that can make healthy dishes more appetizing. As expected, adding ingredients known to be excellent sources of umami is suggested as a means to enhance the flavor of many recipes. If you are interested in ramping up the flavor profile of your recipes, here are suggestions on using four excellent sources of umami that can be added to a variety of recipes: tomatoes, mushrooms, soy sauce and MSG.

Spaghetti with Asparagus and Prosciutto

Simplicity is often best when it comes to cooking, and in this dish the delectable umami-rich tastes of asparagus and prosciutto are allowed to shine through and flavor the pasta.

How to Create an Umami Brunch

umami brunch with scrambled eggs and bacon

When I mentioned to one of my friends that I was going to be working with the MSGdish blog, her response was, “Oh my gosh! My husband is obsessed with MSG! He’s been driving all over town looking for it.” It wasn’t what I was expecting to hear, but it did inspire me. I invited them over for an umami brunch featuring a MSG blind taste test and set out to create a flavor packed menu. On brunch day, we started out with a blind taste test of eggs. I created eggs seasoned three different ways – one without seasoning, one with salt, and one with monosodium glutamate (MSG).