The Reasoning Behind The Seasoning: Why Foods Taste Better When Properly Seasoned

seasoning food

Sometimes we taste a food or meal and think, “hmm, this needs something.” Right?! Seasoning properly is the downfall of most cooks; seasoning food properly makes all the difference in taste.

Holiday Party Hit: Sweet and Sour Meatballs


Appetizer meatballs are uber-popular at any holiday party, especially when they are as delicious as these. This recipe is particularly delectable because the meatballs are made from scratch – no taking the easy way out with the pre-made, frozen kind! The MSG wakes up the dish – as in “More Savory Goodness”!

“Aunt Lila’s” Hamburger and Rice Stroganoff

hamburger and rice stroganoff

Are you suffering from sweet potato casserole burnout? Can’t bear the thought of another cold turkey sandwich? Then this is the recipe for you! This hamburger and rice stroganoff recipe is quick, easy and a delightful change of pace for your taste buds. The MSG provides More Savory Goodness (and just a little goes a long way). The mushrooms, combined with the beef, give this recipe a boost of umami flavor, too

Can’t Get Enough of this Spicy Savory Snack Mix!

savory snack mix

This is a great snack that can be made well in advance of the holidays. Of course, no holiday is ever complete without a savory snack mix to balance out all the sweets! The MSG provides More Savory Goodness. This spicy version of the popular (Chex®) cereal-based snack recipe should earn you five-star reviews!

Cheese and Beef Appetizer Log

Cheese Ball

It’s not a party unless there is a table loaded with appetizers for noshing! Be it a football game gathering or holiday get-together, one must-have is a savory cheese log or cheese ball!