The Secrets to Amazing Asian Cuisine (Hint: Cooking with Umami!)

Noodles with Tofu

Do you find yourself craving foods that have a savory umami flavor? – such as pasta dishes with aged cheese and spicy tomato sauce, pizza with mushrooms and flavorful meats, and nearly anything that falls into the category of Asian cuisine).

Our family often has those cravings, too. In fact, in my experience as a lover of umami, I’m amazed every time I complete an online recipe search for “cooking with umami.” Page after page of umami-rich recipes pop-up, with each recipe sounding more appetizing than the last.

Winter Warm Up with Savory Baked Chicken Wings

baked chicken wings recipe

Back in January we featured several tummy-warming comfort food recipes that are perfect for dinners on cold winter nights. All of those savory recipes were loaded with umami taste that would make anyone’s taste buds ‘smile.’

But I have to ask, where were the wing recipes? How could I forget to include wings? Who doesn’t love hot, juicy wings on a chilly night, especially when they are baked (not fried) and are overflowing with More Savory Goodness (MSG, of course!)? So while there’s still a nip in the air and you don’t mind turning on your oven, give these umami-rich baked chicken wings a try.

Wake up your taste buds from hibernation! Nom. Nom.

Savor the Flavor with these Comforting Main Dish Recipes

Chicken Pot Pie

Depending on where you live, winter weather can be downright bone-chilling or it can simply be cooler than normal. Either way, the term “winter” often conjures up visions of hearty, homemade comfort foods that are filling and savory. Think chili and cornbread. Beef stroganoff. Macaroni and cheese. Chicken and dumplings. You get the drift.

While we’re not going to offer up recipes for the afore-mentioned dishes in this particular blog, here are four others that should whet your appetite. Not only are they downright delicious, they also are loaded with umami rich foods, which makes them so savory, you will want to make them again and again.

Is One of Your New Year’s Resolutions “To Lose Weight”? Try Umami.

new year resolutions

It’s almost January, the beginning of another dieting season. It’s the time of year when many people who are determined to lose weight try something drastic (like a quick weight loss scheme) and soon start fretting about not breaking their 2017 New Year’s resolution. So it’s not surprising that weight loss tips, tricks and techniques abound right about now.

If you are among those who are serious about losing some weight (or don’t want to gain weight), here’s an innovative piece of advice you may not have heard or read about, but you really should consider: eat more foods that provide the umami taste. Umami, the taste of savory, is one of the five basic tastes. It signals that a dish contains protein. Umami is what makes savory foods so delicious.

Perfect Savory Recipes for Holiday Gatherings

holiday appetizers

If you are stuck in a rut of preparing the same recipes for holiday meals and parties, do we ever have some suggestions for you!

Here you will find five menu ideas that should get those taste buds watering! All of these recipes fall under the category of ‘savory’ as they are made with umami-rich ingredients like meat, cheese and mushrooms.