Kitchen Pizzazz (Q&A with Chef Chris): Tips & Tricks to Cook Like a Pro

Cooking and baking artistry has exploded on television and social media in the last decade. But we’re not all Gordon Ramsay, Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart or Chris Koetke. So how do we add some pizzazz in our dishes to look like we cook like a pro? MSGdish got Chef Koetke to chat with us about how to seem like a pro in the kitchen.

Thai Beef Salad; Savory Foods We Can’t Wait to Try

Early in the week, Kylie Lawson, military spouse and mother of two, unwittingly changed our plans for the weekend. In what ended up being a battle between savory foods, her Thai beef salad was pitted against an avocado, corn and bacon salad for The Today Show’s salad edition of their Ultimate Cook-Off series.

Beans & Rice in Asian Cuisine

In a conversation with The Bean Institute, registered dietitian (and MSGdish blogger) Mary Lee Chin talks—well, beans! As the daughter of Chinese American immigrants and a renowned consultant, Chin’s love of Asian cuisine is both personal and professional.

Savory Salads – Recipes

Savory Salad Recipes – these are sure to become some of your favorite recipes for delicious, savory salads. Try Cornbread Salad, Chinese Chicken Salad, Curry Rice Salad with Shrimp, and more.

Savory Main Dish – Entrees – Recipes

What’s cookin’? How about some mouth-watering Chicken and Cashew Lettuce Wraps, Honey BBQ Chicken Wings, Shrimp Fried Rice, or Chicken Burgers. Choose from these and other savory main dish recipes below!