D.I.Y. MSG Taste Test

Chris Koetke MSG Taste Test

My interest in umami and MSG started in a rather unexpected way. Years ago, I was lecturing in my charcuterie class about various additives used in sausage and other meat preparations. I commented that we would not use MSG in class because it was not “good.” After class, a student from the Philippines asked me what was wrong with MSG. I don’t remember exactly what I said but it was along the lines of it being suspect, etc. She had a confused look on her face. This got me wondering if I really understood MSG.

For the Master Chef in You: Smoky and Savory BBQ Recipes

In a previous blog, I professed that there’s no other style of food quite like barbecue. “When a food gets grilled and smoked, something magical happens, and the resulting product has inspired widespread passionate devotion. And whether you’re a BBQ connoisseur or just an occasional rib-eater, there are some things you probably don’t know about this wonderful style of cooking.”

Wow Your Friends and Family with Savory Picnic Salads

picnic salads

When you think about picnic foods, what comes to mind first?
Hot dogs and hamburgers, hot off the grill? But times are a-changing, including how and what we eat. In the same way we no longer regularly eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, ‘traditional’ picnic foods don’t always have to be on the menu. Perhaps it’s time at your next picnic to eat a little healthier – with picnic salads!

Key to a Low Sodium Diet? MSG

low sodium diet

My husband was advised by his doctor to reduce his sodium intake. Both his cardiologist and his dietitian wife warned him that consuming excess sodium can result in fluid buildup, thereby increasing blood volume, which could then make his heart have to work harder.

Kitchen Pizzazz (Q&A with Chef Chris): Tips & Tricks to Cook Like a Pro

Cooking and baking artistry has exploded on television and social media in the last decade. But we’re not all Gordon Ramsay, Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart or Chris Koetke. So how do we add some pizzazz in our dishes to look like we cook like a pro? MSGdish got Chef Koetke to chat with us about how to seem like a pro in the kitchen.