A Healthy Look at Food Acids and Flavor

food acids

If you had high school chemistry, perhaps you appreciated my very obvious play on words in the title of this piece. (Puns are not my strong suit.) If science isn’t your thing, you might be among those whose familiarity with acids begins with “acid indigestion” and ends with antacid tablets. Either way, you might be surprised to know that foods we eat contain many acids, both naturally present and added

RELEASE: What’s the Deal With Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)?

We wanted to share today’s press release on our new video animation with our MSGdish community. The short video is being distributed by The Glutamate Association (TGA), and aims to lay out facts and dispel common myths about MSG. Please feel free to share with your own social circles!

How Do You PICNIC?

picnic ideas

Summer is in full swing so it is officially time for picnics. Whoo-hoo! Although I have mentioned summertime and grilling in a previous blog, I wanted to again explore one of my favorite times of year. PICNIC TIME!

Creating Flavors that are Compelling and Ultimately Satisfying

food flavor enhancers

As a chef instructor, I can attest that teaching in the food and culinary arena is no different than any other science-based discipline. I try and impress upon my students that it is our job to create flavors that are complete, compelling, and ultimately satisfying. To do that, we use the equivalent of the painter’s palette, except our palette is filled with interesting tastes, aromas, and textures

Garlic Marinated Mushrooms Recipe

garlic marinated mushromms

This flavor-packed dish is extremely easy to prepare for picnics, covered dishes and pool parties… or just to keep in the fridge for snacking and noshing all week long. These mouthwatering umami-rich mushrooms also can be added to a favorite pasta salad for a more savory appeal