Umami Recipes for a Cold Winter’s Night

Most of us have heard about the “Umami Burger” craze that seems to be sweeping the nation. But say you don’t want to go out to eat and instead want to create your own delectable Umami creation in the comfort of your own home (and oven!). Here’s a couple of mouth-watering hot main dishes for you to consider when trying umami recipes

Life is Short: It’s OK to Enjoy Food!

Food might be the most complex relationship in your life, which explains why a poll of more than 6,000 Women’s Health readers found that nearly 30 percent feel stressed about food — every…single…day.” Sad, don’t you think?

Craving Umami? Seaweed and Anchovies Not Discussed Here!

umami burger

As promised in my previous blog, I’m baaackkkk with more information about how to power up the umami flavor in your favorite foods. And even if you are not a fan of seaweed and anchovies (lest we not forget that the latter provides one of the two definitive flavors in Caesar salads), there are some simple ways to combine umami rich foods for an even greater taste sensation

Seaweed and Anchovies as Kitchen Staples? Don’t Be So Quick to Roll Your Eyes!

Caesar salad with anchovies

If you like Caesar salad as much as I do, it is impossible to dismiss the uber-fantastic flavor of this wildly popular salad, which would not be what it is without anchovies and Parmesan cheese. With that in mind, please continue reading!

MSG in the Kitchen: Add Some Savor to that Flavor

Monosodium glutamate — more commonly known as MSG, may very well be the comeback kid of the spice rack, having claimed a presence in headlines across America. From Wired magazine and foodie blogs to Smithsonian magazine and NPR, MSG certainly has gotten some attention as of late, and it has been quite positive