All Food is “Chemicals” [period], Let Me Explain…

When it comes to food, it’s natural to ask questions about what is unfamiliar. And when people see ingredients on food labels that they don’t recognize, it’s easy to think that the food contains chemicals.

Everything around us – including food – is made up of chemicals. The idea that there is a difference between “natural” chemicals – like those already existing in food – and those produced by scientists in a laboratory is a common mistaken belief.

Why is Soup So Good When You’re Sick?

Soup is Good for You

Winter time is usually associated with winter illnesses like colds and flu. We may load up on vitamins or certain dietary supplements which claim to protect us from winter sicknesses, but most of us end up with at least a cold during the winter months. And even though advances in medical science come and nutritional fads go, we keep on eating soup to get better when we’re sick. It’s been this way for centuries… but why?

Cozy Up to These Delightful Savory Recipes

savory recipes

Like many of us, you’re probably counting the days until spring weather arrives. But even if the calendar says spring is just around the corner, winter weather often extends well into April. That’s why it’s not too late to prepare a few tummy-warming, savory recipes that can help make a cold night more tolerable.

Salt: Break Up to Make Up

important to reduce sodium intake

It’s time to break up with salt. OK – not a complete separation. But it is time to make up with ways to reduce the amount of sodium in what we eat and try cooking techniques and flavorful ingredients to enhance flavors of food with using less or no salt.

So from the Stylistics – “What does it take to please you? Tell me just how” – here are some easy ways to reduce sodium in your diet.

“Gourmet” and “MSG” Can Be Best Friends

Gourmet and MSG, MSG in food

I love the title of this post because the opposite seems to be the general perception these days. Basically, many people see MSG as a product most often found in food products that are highly processed, cheap, and low-quality. At the same time, they do not see how MSG can be part of more serious, upscale, and gourmet foods. I see a similar attitude among chefs. Some chefs are completely opposed to using MSG in food and see it as beneath their talents — a type of culinary cheating. They see MSG as not being wholesome and natural. Other chefs understand that MSG is completely safe and bumps up umami (delicious savory notes) in a recipe. At the same time, some of these same chefs still do not use MSG for fear of negative consumer feedback or their company’s policy.