Do Umami Foods Satisfy Appetite?

Soupe au Pistou

Does umami, which means “delicious” in Japanese, affect appetite? Can the umami flavor provide or heighten satiety?

It is well-recognized that as the fifth sense of taste, umami amplifies the flavor of savory foods, increasing the enjoyment and pleasure in eating. It also enhances appetite — the feeling of wanting to eat food. Interestingly enough, research has shown that the umami flavor can also heighten satiety — the satisfaction of being full.

DIY Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad) Done Right

Som Tum recipe

No single ingredient in a good som tum acts alone; the rich flavors of som tum come from its layers of umami—dried shrimp, fish sauce and tomatoes mixed with the bitterness of the unripened papaya which also gives crunch and color, along with the sweetness of palm or cane sugar. Is your mouth watering yet?

Savory Dishes Made Simple: 6 Ingredients to Kick Up the Flavor

savory flavor savory dishes

Here are six simple ingredients that will enhance the flavor of your favorite savory dishes – to get them out of the ‘so-so’ zone. These ingredients will impart lots of umami flavor, so if you aren’t on the umami bandwagon yet, now’s the time. With lots of tailgate parties and sporting event meals just around the corner, give these a try – six ways to boost the deliciousness of your existing recipes or give new ones the wow factor! Indeed, it’s not necessary to toss out tried-and-true recipes, but by adding even a small amount of these umami-rich ingredients, you will see a very positive change in their savory goodness.

How to Make Bland Airplane Food Appetizing? Umami!

How to Make Bland Airplane Food Appetizing

You’re familiar with the saying “You eat with your eyes first,” meaning of course that the good, or bad, visual aspect of food affects its appeal even before it passes our lips and into our mouths. The Chinese have a proverb, “You eat first with your eyes, then your nose, and then with your mouth.” It’s no surprise that our senses of sight and the smell of food impact our perception of flavor. Psychologists are finding that sound, however, also augments or suppresses the taste experience.

Umami Puts the “Yummi” in Tomatoes

tomatoes with umami flavor

Tomatoes are loaded with savory goodness, but not all tomatoes taste the same, because the riper the tomato, the tastier it is. Tomatoes left to ripen on the vine are documented to have more umami content than tomatoes that are picked green and then gas-ripened. According to a Chemistry World article “Secret of Tasty Tomatoes Revealed,” tomatoes left to ripen naturally develop more nutrients and so have greater umami content.