Savory Lip-Smackin’ Chicken Recipes: Perfect for Fall

Fried Chicken Recipes

Do you love chicken? I certainly do.

In fact, 2017 research shows that most of us are fans of chicken! If you purchase and prepare chicken regularly, you’re one of the 90 percent of consumers who choose chicken. It does not shock me at all that Americans will eat close to 92 pounds of chicken per person this year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Why does this “love” of chicken come as no surprise? It is economical, easy to prepare and lends itself to so many types of recipes. Chicken is also ooh-ooh good, probably because it is an abundant source of umami flavor.

From kid-favorite drumsticks to my favorite – the white meat of a moist chicken breast – chicken is indeed versatile, but there’s no need to get in a “recipe rut.” If you are in interested in trying some new chicken recipes this fall, check out these mouth-watering wing recipes to get you started.

Then, you can move on to these three recipes that are sure to delight and will make you and your family shout “Chicken is lip-smackin’ good.”

Time for Tailgate Parties: Savory Food, Sharing with Friends, Team Spirit

tailgate parties

Do you enjoy tailgate parties, where your friends and relatives get together prior to a sporting event to enjoy good food and good drink, along with some pre-game cheers? It used to be that these parties were only held before football games but that has changed dramatically. “Tailgate parties” have almost come to be expected before a variety of sporting events or prior to an outdoor concert or another form of entertainment.

To help get you started on your next party, here are several savory recipes your tailgaters should love. Each is bursting with that umami taste that never fails to satisfy the most discerning party-goer!

What Are the Chances You Are Uniquely Sensitive to MSG?

Chances Uniquely Sensitive to MSG

Sensitivity to monosodium glutamate (“MSG”) was virtually unheard of before it was given a name back in the 70’s. “Chinese restaurant syndrome,” so named for two reasons: 1) A 1968 letter to the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine described the writer’s symptoms that occurred about 20 minutes after eating food from a Chinese restaurant. 2) MSG was known to be commonly used in prepared Chinese food.

If you think you’re uniquely sensitive to MSG or glutamate, two facts should be cleared up:

D.I.Y. MSG Taste Test

Chris Koetke MSG Taste Test

My interest in umami and MSG started in a rather unexpected way. Years ago, I was lecturing in my charcuterie class about various additives used in sausage and other meat preparations. I commented that we would not use MSG in class because it was not “good.” After class, a student from the Philippines asked me what was wrong with MSG. I don’t remember exactly what I said but it was along the lines of it being suspect, etc. She had a confused look on her face. This got me wondering if I really understood MSG.

What is MSG?

what is MSG

In case you missed this informative article about “What is MSG,” published in the Huffington Post this month…

Author Julie R. Thomson noted: “MSG is one of the most notorious ingredients in the United States. The Japanese ingredient that’s commonly used in Chinese restaurants stateside, has been blamed for making people feel ill with symptoms ranging from headaches to asthma. (This reaction came to be known as Chinese Restaurant Syndrome.)”

“Many studies have been done to determine a relationship between the consumption of MSG and the symptoms that comprise the syndrome mentioned above, but they have failed to find a link.”