The “Skinny” on Umami

Experimenting with different flavors can make healthy dishes more appetizing and is an easy way to modify a go-to dish. Whether you’re a meat eater, strictly seafood or a vegetarian, there are plenty of ways to experience what has come to be known as the “umami sensation.” Think of this as your Skinny Guide to Experiencing Umami

Summertime… and the Grilling is Easy-Good

barbecue grilled corn on the cob

Warm weather is here so it is time to crank up the barbecue grill, shut down the kitchen oven and dust off the picnic table. Grilling and picnic season have always been favorites of mine. My mother used to love them too since it got everyone outside after a long cold winter and an allergy-laden spring. One thing in particular I learned from her about meal preparation this time of year was KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) and use the grill as often as possible!

Mozzarella Cheese Dip Recipe

mozzarella cheese dip recipe

Going to a party or picnic? This delightful mozzarella cheese dip goes well with raw vegetables, chips or crackers. Be sure to make it well in advance to allow it to reach its full flavor potential!

VIDEO: What’s the Deal with Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)?

What if MSG really is misunderstood? Take a tasteful journey through the history and science of monosodium glutamate and learn why MSG is not only safe, but the purest form of umami

Being FIFTH: Not A Bad Thing At All!

umami burger

Living in a culture where being first or even coming in second is considered optimal, I say phooey. Being FIFTH is just as good in my book! A few FIFTH’s that stand out in my mind: Cinco de Mayo celebration with lots of traditional delicious foods (FIFTH of May)