MSG in the Kitchen: Add Some Savor to that Flavor

Monosodium glutamate — more commonly known as MSG, may very well be the comeback kid of the spice rack, having claimed a presence in headlines across America. From Wired magazine and foodie blogs to Smithsonian magazine and NPR, MSG certainly has gotten some attention as of late, and it has been quite positive

Could Soy Sauce be the Secret Ingredient for the Perfect Gravy?

perfect gravy with soy sauce

Gravy, gravy everywhere — but how do you make sure it’s a real complement to your dish? (And yes, one that will get compliments!) Between Thanksgiving and the New Year, gravy will be a mainstay in our diets – be it an accompaniment to turkey, roast beef or pork and their yummy side dishes such as mashed potatoes, stuffing or popovers. But sometimes, the gravy just does not turn out “right.”

Determining “Good” Foods vs. “Bad” Foods

magic 8 ball

As children, my friends and I loved playing with a Magic 8 Ball. (For those not familiar, it is a Mattel-made toy used for “fortune-telling” or seeking the truth or advice. Kind of like an Ouija board, but it did not “freak” us out! The Magic 8 Ball was fun and entertaining when

MSG and Allergies: What’s Science Got To Say?

Have you heard anyone claim that they are “allergic” to monosodium glutamate? Or maybe you yourself think you have an MSG allergy. Here I’ll examine the science behind claims of MSG-triggered allergic reactions. The first report of any type of reaction to MSG was presented in a 1968 letter to the New England Journal of Medicine

“It’s the Umami, Stupid. Why the Truth About MSG is So Easy to Swallow.”

A “must-read” in today’s Smithsonian magazine “Food & Think” blog. This is an in-depth and insightful article about the discovery of umami (our fifth taste), the desire for savory foods, and of course the history of the well-known yet inexplicably controversial food seasoning, monosodium glutamate (aka MSG)