What’s That I’m Tasting?

Taste and good-tasting food

Experts state that as we age, our ability to experience taste sensations does decrease after age 60. Most often, salty and sweet tastes are lost first. Bitter and sour tastes last slightly longer. Knowing this, it is even more important to keep foods highly flavorful, so

MSG and Umami – In the News

Updating MSGdish readers on timely news articles about MSG (monosodium glutamate), glutamate, and umami. Umami and MSG are getting some serious love

Fried Corn with Smoked Sausage Recipe

Looking for a quick and easy sausage recipe that is loaded with great taste? Give this recipe a try – cooks in no time!

Tomato, Parmesan and Bread Salad (Panzanella Salad) Recipe

This umami-rich seasonal salad is a tasty favorite on a hot summer or fall day when cooking is not an option. The richness of the flavors of the ripe tomatoes, shaved parmesan and basil make for a unique flavor combination

How To Figure Out What a New Study is About and Whether You Should Care: A Non-Scientist’s Guide to Making Sense of Research Studies

Research methods, research findings

Want to know more about a scientific study than you can glean in a 30-second news snippet? Here are some tips for reading research studies (relatively) quickly, so you can find out what you want—or need—to know. What kind of report is it? Primary research reports are divided into the following sections