“What’s the Deal with Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)?” is a fast-paced, hip animation video that leaves just about everyone a bit smarter when it comes to what excites our palate and how we experience taste. And in the process, this short video dispels many of the urban myths that have plagued the common food ingredient known as MSG.

The animation also makes the link between umami, the fifth basic taste that’s ignited a food craze sweeping the globe, and glutamate, the most common amino acid in our diets. As explained in the video, glutamate is one of the main umami triggers in our food. And monosodium glutamate, also known as glutamate seasoning, is an easy way to add the pure taste of umami to food.

“What’s great about this video is that when it’s done you’ve actually learned something important about food and what our bodies do with it,” said Lisa Watson, executive director of The Glutamate Association and a nutritionist by training. “It gives you the grounding to figure out on your own whether those things you read on the Internet are factual or not.”

This short video is being distributed by The Glutamate Association, and aims to lay out facts and dispel common myths about MSG. Please feel free to share it with your social circles!

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